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Woodford Hounds in Utah

Woodford Hounds Hunt Countries

Woodford County

Our home country, where the kennels are located, lies in southern Woodford County. It consists of an area approximately 4 by 4.5 miles, generally bounded by Delaneys Ferry Road on the north, the Jessamine County line on the east, Cummins Ferry Road on the south, and Hifner and Patterson Roads on the west. The country is rolling farmland with many coverts and deep, heavily wooded creek valleys. Jumps are primarily coops with some stone walls. Very well foxed with reds, grays and coyotes. A fit, handy hunter is a necessity.


Centered on the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (“Shakertown”) in eastern Mercer County. It consists of approximately 4,000 acres. The Shaker property is mainly rolling pastureland with large fields bounded by stone walls. There are also very steep wooded gorges where Shawnee Run Creek and its tributaries run down to the Kentucky River. Jumps are primarily stone walls with some coops. Very well foxed with reds, grays and coyotes. Any fit hunter is suitable. Shakertown offers extensive stabling and overnight accommodation, as well as an award-winning restaurant. A current negative Coggins test is required as is a signed Shakertown release from liability form and $7.00 per person user fee.

Crab Orchard

Located in northeast Lincoln County. It consists of well over 5,000 acres and is generally within the triangle bounded by KY Route 39, US Hwy 150, and KY Route 78. It is bisected from southeast to northwest by the Dix River, which is fordable in most places. It is primarily a cattle country of large pastures with some cropland and numerous coverts and wooded areas along the creeks. Plenty of game, both red and gray fox and coyote. Jumps are primarily coops. Any fit hunter is suitable.


Some 7,000 acres in western Nelson County. It is very hilly and forested with numerous dirt logging roads. Due to the logging operations, the forest is fairly open, with limited undergrowth. A very fit mount is essential due to the steepness of the terrain and often deep going, however, the country is unfenced and no jumping is required.

Note: All countries are accessible to non-jumpers via hand gates and hilltoppers are always accommodated. A valid Kentucky hunting license is required by all followers. All must sign Woodford Hounds waivers of liability as well.